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Sign On To Full Disclosure With Your Facebook Account

Now you can signup to Full Disclosure with one click using Facebook!

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Full Disclosure Complies With California Senate Bill 133

If you work for a title insurance company, then no doubt you’re well aware of California Senate Bill 133 by now… The good news is that Full Disclosure now offers fully compliant online document management, free!

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Top Real Estate Blogs

The RE.Net is growing fast, and it can be hard to keep up with all the quality real estate blogs out there! Here is our first attempt at what will hopefully become a comprehensive list of quality real estate blogs.

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Writing Great Real Estate Marketing Descriptions

Property descriptions are a critical marketing step required for every listing, but all too often they are written as an afterthought. A great property description should be informative yet succinct, and it should paint a positive image without being overly “salesey”. A good property description starts before you’re sitting at your computer entering the listing in the MLS.

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Four Technology Tools Every Realtor Should Consider

In modern real estate, understanding and using technology is no longer a choice. Below are 5 tools Alfie and I have personally used and found indispensable in my real estate practice:

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Announcing Launch of Agent Text: Simple Mobile Marketing

Still driving around town filling your flyer boxes? So were my brother and I up until a few months ago. Then we discovered real estate text marketing for our listings instead… no more stuffing flyer boxes!